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The Web site www.6p6.gr is the online web store of 6P6 IKE Company located at 41 EL.VENIZELOU str. – Stoa Nikoloudi, Store9 ATHENS 10564. Prior to any access and activity on the site you should be informed of the following terms and conditions regarding the use of the site.
By proceeding in any use of the site you declare your total and unconditional acceptance of this terms & conditions.


6P6 IKE Company preserves the right to unilaterally amend or renew the terms & conditions regarding the use of the site. The Company is also responsible of notify the users of the site for any changes or modifications regarding this terms & conditions by publishing & posting them on the site. It is clarified that any changing conditions do not apply to orders which have already made.


6P6 IKE Company is responsible for the validity and accuracy of the information listed on the site besides any technical or typographical errors that have escaped the attention or occur unintentionally by human error or due to any downtime of the site.


6P6 IKE Company is not responsible for any technical problems that might occur when users attempt to access and during the navigation on the websitewww.6p6.gr associated with the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure. Also 6P6 IKE Company has no liability for acts or omissions of third parties, especially unauthorized third party interventions in products, services and / or information available through the site.


The website www.6p6.gr is the official web store of 6P6 IKE Company. All content of the website, posted by «6P6 IKE», including images, graphics, photographs, texts, services and products are property of «6P6 IKE» and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. Names, images, logos and distinctive features representing the «6P6 IKE» and / or the online store and / or third parties contracted with them and the products or services, are proprietary marks and trademarks of «6P6 IKE “and / or www.6p6.gr and /or more third parties and are protected by Greek, European and international trademark laws, and industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition. In any case, the appearance and presence of the content on www.6p6.gr 
Webpages should in no way be construed as a transfer or license or right for use.


All Visitors and Users of the www.6p6 web site, accept to comply and are responsible with the following:
Any publication, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, violate the privacy of another, shows empathy, or is racial, ethnic or other discrimination, may cause harm to minors in any way, not be transmitted in accordance with the law or contractual relations or management (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered confidentiality agreements) infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of others, contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destruction or inhibition the operation of any computer software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally contravenes existing Greek and EU legislation and provisions that may impede third in any way and any content used to collect or store personal data of users, is prohibited.


6P6 IKE Company recognizes the importance of security of your Personal Data on your online transactions and take all necessary measures to ensure maximum safety. All information related to your personal information and transactions are secure and confidential.
The following methods are used to achieve security at www.6p6.gr

Customer Recognition
Each Customer after completed the registration process, has created two (2) personal identification codes, for login the site and access his account and his personal data. This two codes are your username (a name or e-mail account you declared during the registration process) and the password (a personal secret code or combination that you created during the registration process).
By using the above set of codes you may login to your account and manage your personal data, change your codes as often as you wish, obtain access to your basket and watch the progress of your order.
The only person who has access to your information, is you, through the above codes and you are totally responsible for maintaining the secrecy and concealment of them by third parties. In case of loss, leakage or theft of your personal codes, you should immediate notify us, and replace them.
6P6 IKE Company assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized use of your personal codes by other Persons.
(We recommend, for safety reasons, to change your password regularly and avoid using the same codes or easily detectable such as a date of birth. We also recommend using not only letters and numbers, but also and symbols to create your password.)

Ensuring Privacy of Transfer for your Personal Data
To ensure the confidentiality of the data, we use SSL-128bit encryption protocol. The system has been certified by VeriSign Company, which specializes in security transactions.

Restricted Access (firewall)
Access to «6P6 IKE» systems (servers) is controlled by a firewall, which allows the use of specific services by customers / users and prohibiting any access to systems and databases with confidential data and information of the company.

Data Encryption
All personal data (password, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards etc) you may enter everywhere on the website are encrypted by SSL 128-bit encryption protocol.
The encryption is essentially a method of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it by using the appropriate key.
Whenever the customer / user is connected with his username and password in the shop, all farther communication between his device and the 6P6 I.K.E. systems is encrypted by using SSL 128-bit encryption protocol.

Transaction Privacy
Transaction privacy is Obvious. The same basic principles apply in everyday transactions, are also applicable and in case of e-commerce (electronic commerce).
All provided information by the customer / user to 6P6 I.K.E. is confidential and will be used as so.
Only authorized employee, have access to the information of your transaction and only when necessary, for example to process your order.
6P6 IKE Company does not reveal any customer and transaction information, unless written authorization from you or by Court Order or decision of any public authority.
6P6 IKE Company also take care the confidential of the Data, when third party personnel is used for support on its systems.
For your own safety, you will also have to handle all the information provided through the site as confidential and secret and do not make any reveal to third parties.


During your visit to the website pages, you might be ask to register your personal information (name, last name, occupation, address, product shipping address etc.) in order to process your purchase, or to provide you our services.
All personal data you provide anywhere on the pages of the website www.6p6.gr, kept only for reasons related to your transactions with us, improving our service, ensuring the function and will not be used by any third party (except as provided by the law and public authorities).
In any case, 6P6 I.K.E. employees with access to your personal data are specific and any unauthorized access to your personal data is prohibited. Every reasonable security precautions for your personal data is taken.
In rare and special cases 6P6 IKE Company may disclose your personal information to cooperating enterprises, for support, promote and execute the trading relationship with us, but always under conditions that fully ensure your personal data from any unlawful processing.
For any questions, suggestions or statement on this matter please conduct us in the following link: http://www.6p6.gr/contact-us/
Objection to any further processing of his personal data can be applied by the customer / user at any time in accordance with legislation for the protection of personal data.


6P6 IKE Company makes every possible effort to provide high quality services. However errors in prices, or secondary product features, that have escaped the attention, might occur by human error during the update / process of a product value or due to any downtime of the site.
For the safety and efficiency of your purchases in case you notice any unusual low or high price (compared to the market value) in a product, we recommend you to contact us at the Customer Service Department: 210-3234133 or via the communication form of the website before you proceed your purchase.

After entering your order you will receive an automated e-mail with the details of your order. After processing the order from the online shopping section of 6P6 IKE Company, you will receive a second confirmation e-mail with the products that will be sent to you. From this point starts the contract concluded between us.

During the progress of the order, customer is informed by a sequel of automated e-mails to his mailbox, indicating the status of the order, or by visiting the website through My account where the following situations (according the status of the order) appear:

In Process: When your order has received and is now processing for correctness and collection of the products included.

Send: When your order has been send from 6P6 IKE Company to the Courier

Ready to Collect: When your order is already in our Concept Store for collection by the customer.

Canceled: When your order has been canceled by you, or in case of unsuccessful online payment transaction.

On Hold: In case of further check by the Administrator.

Payment Awaiting: in case of awaiting the payment to be done by the customer

Refunded: After redeposit the money to the customer.

Failed: in case of unsuccessful evolution (assigned by the Administrator)

In case of any problems might occur during the process of your order you will receive a corresponding e-mail and / or sms from us. Alternatively we will contact you by phone in the number you provided at your registration (or at order) in the website.
All above e-mails are essential for the correct evolution of your order so there is no cancelation policy about them. It’s your Obligation to ensure that you can receive these e-mails to your mailbox and save them during our transaction. If you do not receive the relevant e-mails, inform us without delay.


You may request the cancelation of your purchase and return the product by notify us your decision written through the communication form of the site or by calling the Customer Services on telephone 210-3234133, within 20 calendar days of receipt of the product by you or any third party you indicate.
Finally in case you have purchased digital content that is not stored on a regular basis your 20 days cancelation period, starts from the date of conclusion the contract.
If you decide the cancelation of your purchase you have the obligation to return us the product, in perfect condition as delivered to you, or send us clear and not debatable evidence that you have certainly sent it within 20 calendar days from the receipt of the product by you or any third party you indicate.

During the same time period we are also obliged to refund you the amount of the price you paid for the product only without any additional expenses regarding shipping cost and payment charges.
In any case, all products you wish to return must be accompanied by the necessary documentation and receipts.
All shipping cost that might occur in order to return the product back to us is exclusively customers’ obligation.

Customers have no right of cancelation and return of the product in case that is predicted on the following law and articles relative ν.2251/94
Indicatively exercise withdrawal on products such as a headset, for health reasons, the supply of sealed audio or sealed video recordings or sealed computer software which were unsealed after delivery and supply of digital content (with the prior express consent of the consumer and his acknowledgment that loses the right of withdrawal) is not acceptable.


1. The producer of each product that you buy is responsible for any damage due to a defect of the product. Any agreement regarding the limitation of liability or discharge of the producer is not valid. The limitation period for any claims against the producer regarding any damages is three years from the date when the party who suffered the damage was informed or should have been informed about the damage, the defect and the producer’s identity. After a period of ten years from the circulation of the product, extinction of the rights of the party who suffered the damage against the producer takes place. In case of any doubt regarding the identity of the producer of a product that you bought from us, please inform us.
2. All durable consumer goods are accompanied by a written warranty from the manufacturer of the product or the company that imported the product into the EU or the company that affixes its marks on the product and appears as the manufacturer (hereinafter called “the Supplier”). Please read carefully the terms of the Supplier’s warranty as well as the other accompanying documents and details included in the products under the Supplier’s responsibility, particularly those regarding information on the safe use and maintenance of the products. It is noted that:
3. The supplier must provide to the consumer clear and full information – in written and in Greek or using internationally acknowledged symbols – regarding the safe use, keeping, maintenance and full exploitation of the product and any risks during its use and keeping.
4. The warranty must include in simple, legible and comprehensible wording in Greek at least the warrantor’s name and address, the product covered by the warranty, the exact content, duration and extent of territorial validity of the warranty. The warranty must comply with the rules of good faith and must not be canceled under any excessive exemption clauses. The warranty period must be reasonable in relation to the potential service life of the product. Potential service life of a product is a reasonably anticipated period of the intended use of a product, including after a repair or replacement of spare parts and until the use of the product becomes impossible or unprofitable due to wear and tear. For state-of-the-art products in particular, the warranty period must be reasonable in relation to the period during which these products are expected to remain technologically up-to-date, if this period is shorter that the potential service life of the product. If, during the warranty period, a defect of the product is detected and the supplier refuses to or delays repairing the product more than necessary each time, the consumer has the right to ask the replacement of the product with a new one, of the same characteristics and quality or, if repair is not possible, to ask to rescind the agreement. If the time needed for the repair exceeds fifteen (15) working days, the consumer has the right to ask for a temporary replacement of the product until the repair is completed. If the Supplier breaches its obligations, the warranty validity is not affected and the consumer can invoke the warranty and demand from the Supplier to observe it. In case of replacement of the product or a spare part, the warranty is automatically renewed for its entire duration regarding the new product or spare part.
5. Apart from the warranty, the Supplier of new durable consumer goods must ensure the continuous provision of technical services to the consumers regarding the maintenance and repair of the products for a period equal to the potential service life of the products. Furthermore, the Supplier must ensure the supply of spare parts and any other products to the consumers which are necessary for the intended use of the products for their entire possible service life.
6. Under the abovementioned dispositions “6P6 Private Company (I.K.E.)”, provided that it is the Supplier of a product as described above, shall provide any possible assistance in order to fulfill the terms of the Supplier’s warranty free of charge, and regardless of any maintenance services not covered by the warranty that we may provide you on a case by case basis in accordance with any applicable fees.
7. Last, “6P6 Private Company (I.K.E.)” is responsible for any liabilities on the part of the seller under the Civil Code. In particular, if a product is defective, you can (a) demand its repair free of charge or its replacement with a different one, except when this is not possible or demands disproportionate expenses (b) demand a reduction in price and (c) rescind, except if it is a minor defect. The abovementioned obligations are not valid if the defect is caused by you or due to force majeure in its broad and narrow sense. In any case, products must be accompanied by all necessary legal documents and acknowledgments of receipt. In any case, the limitation period for these obligations is two years.


Without limitation to the dispositions on Rescission of article 9, order cancellation is possible in the following cases:

Before the order is completed, during the online ordering procedure you may go “back” and remove any items from your shopping cart by clicking on “remove”.

If the online order is already completed but the product has not yet been shipped, you may call 210-3234133 and one of our partners will cancel your order.

After the delivery of the product, you may call 210-3234133 or contact us via the contact form on our website explaining why you want to cancel your order. One of our partners will contact you soon to inform you on the available options. If your order has already been invoiced and you wish to cancel it, contact Customer Service on 210-3234133 and give your order details. It is noted that your order status on your account page shall not be changed.


a)Payment with Credit Card

Payment with Credit Card: “6P6 Private Company (I.K.E.)”’s online shop accepts all Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and DINERS credit cards. All transactions on our online shop are protected by security systems in conformance with international best practices in e-commerce payments and are fully compatible with the security protocols of international card organizations Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode for safe online payments with cards.
For any purchases with your credit card, follow the instructions given on our online shop. You will be asked to fill in the order form, the number and expiry date as well as the CVV2/CVC2 code on the back of your credit card.
b) Payment on delivery:
You can pay our company’s partner when your order is delivered at your place.
In accordance with the applicable tax provisions, any receipts over €1,500 (VAT incl.) issued in the name of individuals (Retail Receipt) and any receipts over €500 (VAT not incl.) issued in the name of professionals/businesses (Sales Invoice) shall be settled ONLY in the following methods:
• Deposit/transfer to bank account
• Credit or debit card
c) Pick-up and payment of your order in “6P6 Private Company (I.K.E.)”‘s store:
During the final stage of the order completion, choose “Pick-up from the store” as Method of Delivery. If your order is placed until 16:00 and the products are readily available, then, there will be at the store of your choice the next working day. Your order shall remain in the store of your choice for 2 days following its arrival there. You shall pay for your order at the store’s till when you pick-up your order. If you chose to pay for your order with a credit card, we inform you that the charge shall be made at the store. You shall show your credit card and your ID card (or passport) at the store’s till when you pay for your order.
d) Prepay for your order in one of the following bank accounts:
ALPHA BANK: IBAN GR5601401010101002320023000
and send us a copy of the bank transfer order via fax to 210-3234133 or info@6p6.gr stating the number of your order to facilitate its identification. As soon as we receive the copy of the bank transfer order, we will proceed to the execution of your order.
Installment purchase: You can buy any products and pay for them in installments (up to 36) with your credit card. Unless it is stated otherwise, all installments are interest bearing and interest of 12% applies.


“6P6 Private Company (I.K.E.)”‘s price policy for all products is the same in all distribution channels: stores, catalogues, online shop. Nevertheless, we have created the so called “OnlineOffer” for selected products that are sold at a different price on our online shop only and can be delivered to your place or you can pick them up at the store of your choice. In any case, although we make every effort to give accurate details and prices on our online shop, typos or technical errors regarding the prices and the product details are possible. This is why we advise you, as regards to “OnlineOffer”, to contact Customer Service before the payment and the completion of your order in order to confirm the price on 210-323413 or via the contact form on our website.


Completion of order:
As soon as your order is placed, the following message appears (example): “YOUR ORDER IS COMPLETED. THANK YOU. Your order number is ΧΧΧΧΧ. Please check your e-mail. We sent you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order.”

Dates and time of delivery:
Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday*, from 9:00 until 15:00.
* Deliveries can also be made on Saturday with an extra charge of €2.5, provided that it is so demanded in the comments of the order.

Shipping cost/Free delivery:
For deliveries under €100, cost is as follows:
For orders up to €100, the cost for delivery on the next working day is €2.5. For orders over €100, shipping is free.
Regardless of the abovementioned cases, the cost for Deliveries outside the cities (inaccessible areas as defined by the transport company) is €4.5 and delivery time is 2-3 working days. No deliveries are made on public holidays and weekends, unless it is stated otherwise.


1. www.6p6.gr sends newsletters at regular intervals.

2. www.6p6.gr is not responsible if the newsletters are not delivered at their destination, although it makes every effort with the ISP’s (Internet Service providers) to do so.

3. Newsletters may end up in the spam folder. Please check regularly that they are not stored there.

4. Add the address of www.6p6.gr to your safe list.

5. If you do not wish to receive newsletters anymore or you wish to fully unsubscribe from the “6P6 Private Company (I.K.E.)”‘s mailing list, you should fill in the contact form on our website.

6. “6P6 Private Company (I.K.E.)” will send you newsletters only if you choose to and only for as long as you wish. On the contrary, if you have placed an order via our site, we will send you automated e-mails regarding the progress of your order. It is not possible to inactivate these e-mails since they are necessary for the correct progress of your order. Please make sure that you receive these e-mails and keep them for the entire duration of our transaction.

If you do not receive these e-mails, it is your responsibility to inform us immediately pursuant to the general terms governing our transactions.