Payment Methods

You may choose the most convenient way from the following methods:

CHARGING YOUR CREDIT / DEBIT CARD: You may use your Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express or DINERS Credit or Debit card to complete your transaction in the Secure environment of ALPHA BANK via the most modern high-security encryption protocols.

BY VISSITING OUR CONSEPT STORE: You may pay by Cash* or charge your Credit or Debit card** in our physical store located at 41 Panepistimiou str, Stoa Nikoloudi (*capital control laws and provisions applicable **compulsory demonstration of your identity for charging your card).

BY USING e-Banking or deposit on Account: You may also pay by using the online transaction option of your e-banking, or simply visit a Bank and deposit your payment. At Etiology of the deposit please insert your order number and your name. 


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